Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charli Le Mindu 2011 Looks! (SS11)

I have been a big fan of Charli Le Mindu's designs from the first minute I ever saw them. Being a fan of everything kitsch and tacky, so seeing this collection made me fall in love all over again.
Everything is so god-damn adorable! From flamingos to stripper platforms to leopard print, my god.. I feel like they had somehow found a list of everything I've ever loved and incorporated it into one range. (Psht. Yeah, right!)

Here's some of my favourites.

(All images by Tom Vandeputte)

As for the makeup - I absoloutely love it. I have always been a fan of cat eyes , dramatic brows and black/red lips.
To describe it, it's just like a Lichtenstein painting or a 60s style Barbie!

Whiiiiiich brings me to my whole point here, this will be the inspiration for my next makeup tutorial!

I had a quick little play around with it tonight. (Excuse the low quality picture, I said it was a quick one!)

I will re-do this look tomorrow night along with the step by step video for you all to check out! So keep your eyes out for it.

Hope you love this range just as much as I do! xxxx


  1. not my style but thanks for posting! enjoy the day!

  2. Gah those boots are gorgeous! And your rendition of the makeup is perfect!