Monday, September 20, 2010

First tutorial up now!

Just a quick & simple one, they'll get alot better from here on in ;)
If you have any requests let me know!

miss munster

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First tutorial going live tomorrow night!

Here is the first look that will be featured.

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Look forward to hearing from you all on here :)

xxx miss munster

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 products i'm currently loving!

Heres a run down of 5 of my favorite products that i've recently purchased!...

1. Makeup Geek Deluxe Foundation Stippling Brush 

I LOVE this brush! I only just recently purchased it and it's already in my top 10 favorite brushes of all time!

Great price, High quality & cute as hell! Available in the Makeup Geek online store for about $15.
A must have for any makeup artist in my opinion!

So that one is pretty straight forward...moving right ahead....

2. NYX  10 color blush palette! 

This palette retails for around about $15 online.
If you're anything like me, you would usually be spending at least that price for one product at a time, so you know this is a great price!
NYX is one of my most favorite makeup brands out there, they sell high quality products at reasonable prices.

This palette  includes 10 different shades of shimmer and matte colors, ranging from bright pinks to neutral browns. 

Great for highlighting and contouring. Another must have!

3. Mac lipstick in CYBER!

This shade isn't exactly subtle, so if you're going to wear this, be prepared to draw lots of attention!
Of course this is quite bold, and wouldn't exactly be everybody's 'cup of tea' but it has quickly become one of my favorite MAC shades.
It can be applied softly for a hint of plum, or layered to a dark purple.
Its a great formula, in satin finish. I can wear this all day to work and have zero bleeding!
As I stated before, it's a real head turner, but no alternative girls makeup collection should be without Cyber!

4. Mac Pigment in True Chartreuse.

Another new favorite! I am a big fan of bright, bold and matte colors, and this shade delivers all!
I purchased a sample version from & I fell so in love I had to get more!
A beautiful zesty lime green, great blending & staying power!
Another one for the daring, and well worth trying out!
I'll be sure to use this in one of the upcoming tutorials!

5. Gel Eyeliner in Turquoise!
(also available from

Last but definatley not least! I love using this product to spice up a lot of basic looks.
Cat eyeliner looks amazing in this shade!
This is a  beautiful smooth gliding formula, with kick ass staying power!
This can also be used as a base under your shadows to give them that extra boost.
Well worth the money at just $5.99!

And there you have it! My latest top 5 picks! Be sure to keep an eye out to see some of these products in action for my upcoming tutorials.

Also, i'm more than open to requests on 'how-to's'

Thanks for reading,
miss munster

First post!

If you're reading this...thanks for checking out my new blog!!

My name is 'Loretta Munster' & i'm a young Australian makeup artist.

Some of you might already know me as "Munster Makeup"
You can check out some of my work here, on my facebook fanpage...
Munster Makeup Fanpage!

If not, it's nice to 'meet' you!

Plenty of big things to come on here, including reviews, tutorials, how-to, DIY, tips & info, FAQ's & a whole lot more!

Hoping to hear from some of you soon

miss munster